[New Magic Item] Silent Cloak

Silent Cloak

‘Can you scout ahead?’ Chalk asked the thief. With a nod Navnen slipped off into the shadows of the dungeon.

Minutes later he returned soundlessly with an arrow in his leg.

Koram groaned and handed over a healing potion while the thief mimed.

‘Goblins?’ Valance asked.

The thief shook his head.

‘Orcs?’ asked Koram.

Another shaking of Navnen’s head.

‘Kobolds?’ Chalk asked.

Vigorous nodding from the thief.

‘Would you just deactivate that thing?’ the fighter asked.

Navnen shook his head.

‘He is getting his money’s worth,’ said Valance.’Now let’s get those kobolds!’

Thought to have been a gift from the Lords of the Night, these magical cloaks have been fought over and coveted for centuries, aiding heroes and villains in epic tales of glory and villainy.

Benefit: Twice per day for up to one hour the wearer of this cape is completely silent, no sound emanates from this person. While obviously a boon in many ways (all thieves, and everyone else, Move Silently is at 98% while the cloak is ‘active’) this can also be a pain if the wearer needs to convey a message or get someone’s attention (it takes one round to ‘deactivate’ the cloak).

Usable by: Anyone, favored by thieves and assassins.

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