[New Magic Item] Ring of Rounds

Ring of Rounds

The druid Fellhorn looked at the gnome as the latter came scuttling back from scouting ahead.

‘I don’t see anything,’ the gnome replied.

Fellhorn glanced at the dwarf who closed his eyes to concentrate a moment, a finger suddenly pointed towards the gnome.

‘The ring never lies,’ the dwarf said.

‘Fine!’ grumbled the gnome,’I’ll go further ahead.’

The gnome soon disappeared.

‘Let’s hope there isn’t a town devoid of alcohol nearer,’ the elf commented.

‘Hopefully if there is the gnome will never know,’ Fellhorn quipped.

The first of these rings was a cruel joke of an elven archmage on a dwarf wandering hero, causing no end of amusement to the elf as the dwarf wandered about frantically. It is said that once the crafty dwarf caught on he commissioned a magic item to confound the elf mage in return and got the last laugh.

Benefit: This magic ring has the uncanny knack for pointing the finger it is worn on towards the nearest alcohol/favored drink of the wearer. Useable at will. While it may sound ridiculous, many a lost adventurer has found their way back to town with this ring. Note: distance is not known, just the direction to the nearest source.

Usable by: Anyone.

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