[New Magic Item] Mental Mantle

Mental Mantle

The gnome drew a thin cloak from his backpack and slipped it on.

‘Chilled?’ the elf asked without any real concern.

‘No, planning for the oncoming onslaught of orcs,’ replied the small illusionist.

The elf cocked an eyebrow in mock curiosity.
‘I knew that this could make me smarter, but does it make you dumber?’ the gnome asked.

The elf snarled.

‘Why you…’

Suddenly arrows began flying. The gnome conjured a shadow creature that erupted among the orcs and thrashed about, scattering the squealing humanoids.

‘We’ll settle this later,’ smirked the elf.

A thin, gauzy magical hooded cloak that has been used by some wizards to boost their spells, some thieves to figure out difficult puzzles or traps and some fighters to figure out complicated strategies. While only effective for an hour a day this little boost has saved more than a few adventurers from an untimely death.

Benefit: This magical cloak can be used for up to one hour per day to alter one’s physical attributes, taking three away from Str, Dex or Con to add to Int, Wis or Cha (the latter being a matter of will instead of actual physical looks) and possibly grant modifiers if applicable. Once the attributes are switched they cannot be rearranged in any other way that day and are set for the next hour, after that the attributes return to normal and any modifiers temporarily granted vanish.

Optional: Rumor has it that there is a belt that does the opposite, switching mental for physical traits temporarily.

Usable by: Anyone.

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