[New Magic Item] Stump Golem

Stump Golem

‘So how fast does this go?’ Navnen asked the druid.

‘Not very.’

‘Can it swim?’

‘It can sort of float in the direction you want it to,’ replied the druid.

‘What can hurt it?’ the thief inquired.

‘Only magical weapons.’


Many hours later there was a knock on the door of a small house on the edge of town. Chalk got up and answered the door.

Navnen was sitting in a walking stump that had arms.

‘What is that?’ the wizard asked.

‘Something only hurt by magic weapons,’ replied the thief as he crawled inside and closed the mouth.

‘I want to try it,’ whined Valance.

‘You’ll get spiders in it. I don’t want it full of spiders,’ Navnen complained.

Created by a ritual involving a druid and a wizard, these magical constructs seem crude, but are all in vogue in some areas, with nobles riding around in their stump golems to impress those that must go without such a conveyance. Buying one in a larger city is very expensive, but stealing one, at its rate of movement is rather pointless.

Benefit: A Stump Golem is basically a tough, wooden exoskeleton that is commanded by its owner. Slow moving (30’/10′) this magic conveyance has two arms, two feet and a ‘face’ with a huge mouth that will open to seat a creature up to human size. While it is possible to just ride around in the open mouth of the golem one can also get inside, close the mouth and operate the arms as well. A Stone Golem has 8HD, can strike for 1d6+2 damage and can only be hit with magical weapons (AC 4).

Usable by: Anyone.

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