[New Spell] Talking Three Days After You Are Dead

Talking Three Days After You Are Dead


Koram growled again.

‘This is getting old,’ the fighter said.

‘Patience, take it easy,’ Valance replied.

‘We are dragging a dead body around that won’t shut up,’ Chalk interjected.

‘He owes me money, I won fair and square and I paid for the spell to be cast!’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘You had to pick such a gabby person to win from?’ Navnen the thief asked.

‘Hey, I didn’t know he was going to die before paying me,’ Valance retorted.

The corpse in the cart kept on babbling along.

Koram looked at Chalk and made a “torching the body” pantomime. The wizard nodded in agreement.


Talking Three Days After You Are Dead (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Three days unless dispelled or corpse is destroyed.


Sometimes a person dies before they have revealed something important, sometimes it is handy to have a talking body around. The Talking Three Days After You Are Dead spell must be cast upon a person within three hours of their death. If successful this spell pulls the soul back to the body but only animates the mouth of the corpse. The body cannot see or move otherwise, but can hear and speak. This spell is often used to try to retrieve crucial information from the recently deceased, although there is a 65% chance each day of the three days of the spell’s duration that the information will be revealed. If the corpse is mutilated or burned the spell ends, the corpse must have a head attached to the torso at least.

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