[New Magic Item] Crown of Wargs

Crown of Wargs

The trio of elves rode into the dismal human town unchallenged. A nervous looking town guard nodded and tried to crack a smile.

‘Is this the town that the wolves have taken over?’ one of the elves asked.

The guard looked around and nodded. He extended a hand to one of the elves, the other raised an eyebrow yet did likewise, honoring the strange human custom. A piece of paper exchanged hands. The elf quickly read it and smirked.

‘Well, it is of no concern of ours, we will be moving on,’ the elf said aloud. The other two followed, assuming something was wrong.

Outside of the town the elf revealed the note to the others: “Please help. Our mayor has a strange magic item that turns him into a monstrous wolf and he terrorizes us at will.’

‘Extraordinary spelling for a peasant,’ one of the elves quipped. ‘I suppose we’d better help them.’

A collection of claws and fangs bound together by twine, this powerful magic item is often overlooked in treasure troves as junk when in reality it is often the most valuable item of loot. Created by a powerful goblin shaman the Crown of Wargs is sought after by clever wargs and can throw towns and villages into upheaval at the mercy of the dire wolves.

Benefit: When placed upon the head this crown allows the wearer to transform into a 6HD warg once per day for up to three hours, retaining all mental attributes and gaining the physical abilities, including tracking, of a warg. The wearer may also summon and command up to 12HD in wargs (typically three creatures) for three hours per day as well, these wargs may be summoned while in either normal or warg form. Placed upon the head of a warg the creature suddenly as an Int of 12 and becomes an 8HD creature that can summon 12HD of wargs at will.

Usable by: Anyone or a warg.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Crown of Wargs

  1. eltf177 says:

    I can see how something like this can cause a LOT of chaos. And make for an interesting adventure. An unscrupulous noble, seeking to overthrow the beloved noble in charge of the region, uses this to wreak havoc. Of couse he blames it on the ruling noble’s inaction/impropriety/lack of faith/immorality/etc. The PC’s are hired to end this situation and the unscrupulous noble has no intention of letting that happen…

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