[New Spell] Wilder Horses

Wilder Horses


The orc warband was in hot pursuit of the knight and his retinue, the illusionist cast a spell as the humans entered a ravine. This magic caused the mangy horses the orcs were riding to balk and refuse to go any further. The orc outriders, on boars, spurred their mounts on into the purple fog. One orc rider pointed to his head and smiled at the other who happened to narrowly avoid the pit trap his ‘smarter’ companion fell into. Orc and boar squealed in pain and horror in the spiked trap.


Wilder Horses (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 30’x5′ deep wall +5’/level

Duration: One turn/level.


This spell creates a purplish ‘wall’ of magic that frightens horses, causing them to retreat in a panic. No equine creature will pass through the wall, but they may be coaxed to go around it, which is why narrow passes and ravines are popular places to cast this spell. Once the magical fog clears the horse(s) regain their composure and will enter the area as normal.

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