[New Magic Item] Fungal Staff of Sporecery

Fungal Staff of Sporecery

‘So you took a staff from a goblin, do you feel better about yourself?’ Chalk asked Valance.

‘Yeah….’ the priest of the Spider God said in a stupor.

‘You know, you are supposed to use that on enemies, not yourself,’ Koram said.

‘Just….trying it out,’ the dazed cleric said.

‘If he wasn’t mixing that staff with bites from his weird spiders he might be more coherent,’ Navnen added.

Grown deep underground by goblins of the worst manner, these odd magical staffs are abut five to six feet tall and resemble thin white mushrooms with a red cap speckled with white circles and an animated leering face just under the cap. This creepy face is the source of the spores when they emanate from the staff. Rumors abound that the creators of these fungi are fungal creatures themselves from deeper underground that taught the goblins how to grow these strange magical mushrooms.

Benefit: This magical staff can, once per day, perform the following, casting the magic in a cone 30′ long by 10′ wide:

  1. A blast of hallucinogenic spores sprays over all in its path. Any who fail a save versus staffs at -1 experience vivid and strange hallucinations, all rolls are -2 for 1d4 hours due to these strange visions.

  2. A stream of mutating spores covers those in its path. Those who fail a save versus staffs at -1 become large toadstool-people for 1d4 hours, AC 6, 4HD, 9 Dex.

  3. A dark wind of spores shoots forth, all who fail their save versus staffs at -1 develop an irrational fear set by the bearer of the staff (spiders, snakes, darkness). While this element is present all rolls are at -2. The effect lasts for 1d4 hours.

  4. A storm of spores burst outward and land on all within the area the staff effects. Those who fail a save versus staffs at -1 cackle and gibber maniacally for 1d4 hours and are -1 on all rolls due to their own bizarre laughter.

Usable by: Druids, magic-users and illusionists.

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