[New Magic Item] Arachnid Amulet

Arachnid Amulet

With a shudder Navnen the thief dropped the creepy talisman into the pocket of the passing wizard. Valance sighed heavily, a hand reaching out in despair.

‘No, it had to go,’ the thief said. ‘Let’s see how bold “Adrozhir the Bold” really is.’

The priest of the Spider God dropped his head in resignation.

‘When the sun goes down we can slip up to a nearby rooftop and watch the amulet take effect,’ offered Navnen.

Valance grinned happily and nodded.

A gift from the Spider God? A cursed item made by a crazy archmage? Who knows, just hope this thing doesn’t end up in your pocket. Resembling a small oval of amber with a spider trapped inside this magic item is best left alone.

Benefit: Each night this magical amulet draws all arachnids to it like a magnet, spiders, scorpions and the like surround this magic item, from normal sized to monstrous, all heed the call of the amulet. Although not necessarily aggressive, if startled, attacked or hungry the spiders and their kin will attack. In rare instances those with an affinity or magical connection to spiders may use this to their advantage.

Usable by: Anyone.

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