[New Magic Spell] UnWeathered



Knat sat dry and warm drinking tea when Chalk and the others arrived in the downpour.

‘Come in, boys, have some tea,’ the druidess said.

‘Why have us meet here and now?’ Chalk asked.

‘To show off my new spell of course,’ she laughed.

The others groaned.

‘I need help of course, and I knew you would appreciate the warmth on such a blustery day,’ Knat said.

‘You knew it was going to rain, didn’t you?’ Valance asked.

The druidess was quiet. Which meant yes, she did.


UnWeathered (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Touch, affects a 15’x15’x15′ area

Duration: One year per level of druid.


With this spell the druid creates an area that will be unaffected by normal weathering conditions, i.e., the area will remain fresh and crisp as if on a typical sunny spring day, even the temperature within this spot will be warm and dry. Any items placed in the area are also unaffected by the surrounding weather, no rain or snow will touch the enchanted spot, no strong wind blow things within away, although sentient being may enter the area and move things around and animals may unknowingly scatter things within the area.

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