[New Magic Item] Pipe of the Thief

Pipe of the Thief

Koram opened the door to the shared room, a hooded figure was just lighting a pipe in the corner.

‘Company!’ the fighter yelled.

Chalk, Valance and Navnen burst into the room as the stranger blew smoke out the open window and dived into the smoke, one of Navnen’s daggers stuck into the frame of the window.

Everyone rushed to the window to see the smoke drifting slowly over the rooftop of the adjacent building.

‘Now what did we do and to who? Chalk asked. Everyone looked at Valance.

‘Hey, my gambling debts are paid up, this is on one of you guys,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

Master thieves covet such an item and will do anything to get their hands on one, but then a warrior trying to evade a dragon is just as desperate for one.

Benefit: This magic pipe allows the smoker to, once per day, leap into the smoke from the pipe and assume the form of smoke for up to one hour, this transformation takes one round/action. The smoke is slow moving, drifting slowly at 9′(3′) and cannot go through walls, but can seep into cracks and crevices. A strong wind will cause the person in smoke form to make a save versus Polymorph or be forced back into his or her normal form. In smoke form the transformed cannot be caught by grasping hands but can be contained in an airtight space.

Usable by: Anyone.

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