[New Spell] Area of Attack

Area of Attack


Bakra-do dropped a handful of coins into the wizard’s hand. The spellcaster smiled and counted the coins. Moments later he began a spell.

Holding a wand on an outstretched palm the wizard closed his eyes.

‘Three miles north, lizardmen are trying to usurp the village of Morl,’ he muttered.

The mercenary smiled and dropped a couple more coins into the wizard’s hand.

‘Off to battle,’ the mercenary said. ‘Don’t be too far away.’

‘I try not to be with such a steady income,’ the wizard replied.


Area of Attack (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: One mile/level.

Duration: One turn.


When cast upon an object that can indicate a direction (arrow, wand, stick, pen, etc) the object will point towards the nearest major conflict, skirmish or war within the range of the spell. The caster will know who is on each side of the conflict and roughly the size of the forces involved. Some mercenary companies employ wizards with this spell for maximum profits, others want to know which way to run and go in the opposite direction.

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