[New Encounter] Snowtail


The adventurers approached the harbor in a rickety boat, they noticed many other boats, some smaller, some larger, in the icy harbor. Docking Chalk and the others soon approached one of the dwarven harbormasters that ran this finely carved glacier. Magical cold fires eerily illuminated the vast cavern here and there.

‘Are we near the Deep Valley?’ Valance asked the harbormaster.

The dwarf laughed.

‘This is SnowTAIL, my friend,’ the dwarf replied. ‘A ship will come and take you to Icehead, maybe four days if the weather is good, then you walk two days to Deep Valley,’

The priest of the Spider God slouched further at this dreadful new. Koram slapped him on the back.

‘A lot of cold, fresh air ahead,’ exclaimed the fighter.

Valance contemplated sending spiders to harass Koram then realized being ostracized in the cold would not be helpful.

Far, far to the north where the water grows icy cold is the Dread Sea. A half a day’s rowing in a boat will take one to Snowtail, a vast system of caverns carved out of a huge glacier and lit magically by a clan of dwarves that love the cold extremes, not to mention the money for ushering passengers onto their ships for the ride to Deep Valley at the next harbor, Icehead, further north.
Deep Valley is newly found and a strange place to explore. On a plain of black sand the indigo pyramids have mouths full of human like teeth that bite and gnash and gibber secrets, while the larger pyramids are easily avoided the tiny ones sometimes surround adventurers and try to get an easy meal. In other places sharp fanged maws surrounded by tentacles can burst up at random from the earth, dragging any unfortunate victims into the dreadful mouth for a hearty meal.

In game terms, Snowtail is a weird meeting places for adventurers, merchants, mercenaries and retainers looking to form groups, teams and companies to forge ahead to Deep Valley, a reputedly recently found “lost world” full of strange creatures, barbarians and ancient treasures all set in a warm, lush climate. This is an opportunity to introduce weird creatures like dinosaurs or even stranger beasts and monsters, maybe extra-dimensional.

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