[New Spell] The Sound of Faraway Things

Sound of Faraway Things


Chalk squatted against a wall near one corner of the room he shared with the other adventurers. He swatted at them with agitation.

‘What are you doing there by yourself with that shell to your ear, listening to the ocean?’ Valance asked as the others chuckled.

‘No, actually I am listening in on a conversation at the thief’s guild about your gambling practices and debts,’ the wizard answered.

The priest of the Spider God motioned for the others to keep it down so Chalk could concentrate.


Sound of Faraway Things (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Three miles/level.

Duration: One day per level of caster.


This spell is usually cast on two seashells, neither needs to be big, both can sit firmly in the palm of one hand. After the shells are enchanted one is left behind, this shell is the ‘microphone’ shell that will transmit all sound within 20′ of the shell with absolute clarity as if a person were standing there (of course whispering and muffled sounds will be difficult to understand). As long as the other shell is within range, it is the ‘speaker’ shell and transmits all sound to one holding the shell to an ear. After the duration is up the shells become normal again and two shells must be attuned to each other to enchant them.

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