[New Magic Item] Horn of Rust

Horn of Rust

A brick crashed through the window of the gambling den.

‘Nobody steals from me!’ a voice shouted from the outside.

The wide end of a curled horn immediately was visible in the broken window. A thin tinny sound could be heard.

Suddenly a trio of strange creatures seemed to almost fall from the horn and flounder among the room on all fours, each had two feathery antennae that waved about, touching metal and instantly rusting it.

‘The coins!’ one of the men screamed.

‘Wasn’t that Valance’s voice at the window?’ another inquired.

Created by a druid with a dark sense of humor (and revenge) the Horn of Rust is a terrifying magic item to be loosed in small spaces unless one eschews metal of all kinds. The revenge upon the one who winds this horn and causes a lot of damage is usually swift and brutal.

Benefit: When winded this horn releases 1d4 rust monsters. These creatures are hungry and agitated and seek out the nearest metal to turn to rust and consume. Note that these rust monsters are not under the control of the owner of the horn so a bit of delicacy is required to avoid being a target of these monsters. After three turns (30 minutes) these creatures disappear if not vanquished.

These bizarre creatures are about man-size, and look vaguely like an armadillo; they have armored hide, two antennae, and a long tail with a flanged growth at the end. Rust monsters do not attack people – they turn metal into rust and eat the rust – but they just can’t resist trying to eat delicious foods like swords and plate mail, even if they are being attacked. A hit from a rust monster’s antennae causes metal to rust into pieces, and the same is true for metal objects striking the rust monster’s body. Magical metal has a 10% cumulative chance to avoid rusting per +1 bonus of the armor or weapon.

  • Rust Monster: HD 4; AC 4 [15]; Atk 2 antennae (0); Move 12; Save 12; AL N; CL/XP 5/240; Special: Cause rust.

Usable by: Anyone.

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