[New Magic Item] Key to the Inn of Three Bugbears

Key to the Inn of Three Bugbears

‘That didn’t go well,’ grumbled Valance.

‘Hey, this all blew up because of your gambling debts,’ Chalk reminded the priest of the Spider God.

Navnen looked fidgety.

Koram looked out the window.

‘They are coming, they’ve found us,’ the fighter announced.

Navnen hurried over to a cupboard.

‘I know a way out,’ the thief said.

The others looked at him curiously.

Navnen retrieved a key and tapped it against the cupboard door then opened it. The other side looked spacious.

Wordlessly they all entered and found themselves in the basement of an inn.

‘Neat trick,’ Valance said. ‘I almost thought you were going to use it and leave us back there.’

The thief looked down.

‘Me too.’

Three of these keys were said to have been forged decades ago and rune-enchanted by a powerful dwarf to show his appreciation to the owner of the Inn of Three Bugbears. Thieves and desperate times have scattered these keys, but the current owner of the inn is aware of these magic items, although he is absent minded enough to forget they exist half of the time.

Benefit: These magic keys allow the bearer and any with him or her to use any door, window or similar portal to transport themselves into the basement of the Inn of Three Bugbears, often entering the inn through a random door, cupboard, window or the trapdoor in the basement. One simple taps the portal with the key and enters. After using this key, unless it is used again, the bearer of the key can return within 72 hours via the portal that they arrived at the inn from back to where they departed from. After that he or she cannot return to the last place that they arrived from.

Usable by: Anyone.

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