[New Spell] Fey Slow

Fey Slow


Fellhorn gritted his teeth as the wizard cast a spell. Miraculously, he seemed unaffected. Then looked over at his companions, the gnome thief and elf ranger, who struggled to walk against an unseen current, everything they did was slowed.

The druid cast a spell that flung uncoiled barbed vines at the wizard as the latter’s minions scurried into battle. A half dozen leering goblins with sharp spears who suddenly growled and sniveled in slow motion as they realized that the wizard’s spell affected them as well.

The elf slowly drew his blade as the gnome fought to get out of the fray in slow motion. It was painful to watch as Fellhorn contemplated his next spell.


Fey Slow (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 30’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn.


When cast all Fey creatures within range of the spell (which can include demi-humans and goblins if these are considered Fey or part Fey in your world) must make a save against Spells at -1 or be reduced to one-half their normal movement rate and attack at -2 to hit. Because of their magical nature everything is slowed with the affected Fey, including speech and even falling will be in slow motion. After one turn these creatures return to normal. Surviving fey creatures tend to be quite vengeful as an f.y.i.

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