[New Magic Item] Apples of the Fey Forest

Apples of the Fey Forest

The hounds were baying in the distance, their raspy barks and howls getting closer.

‘You fool, Navnen, the duke had dogs!’ Chalk said. ‘We will all get hunted down.’

The thief shook his head and smiled. From a pouch at his side he retrieved an apple.

‘Now you are going to eat!’ Koram exclaimed as the thief held the apple aloft.

Valance looked down the road.

‘I see them,’ said the priest of the Spider God.

Navnen calmly tapped himself with the apple. It suddenly turned blue. He then casually threw the enchanted fruit into a nearby well.

‘Now what do we do?’ Chalk asked.

‘Now we run while the duke’s men try to figure out how to get me out of the well,’ the thief replied.

The other three looked puzzled.

‘I’m going, you can stand here and explain yourselves to them if you please,’ Navnen said as he hastened off into the brush.

Enchanted apples are always a tricky thing, trust the Fey and their goods and services as far as you can toss a spriggan in giant form.

Benefit: The apples that grow in the strange and beguiling Fey Forest are enchanted to absorb the scent of an individual or thing and emit that scent themselves. Also known ‘Tapples’, one must firmly hold one of these apples in one hand and tap the individual (or yourself) and the apples will take on a bluish hue so that you know the magic is in effect. For one hour after the ‘tap’ the apple will exude a strong scent of the affected individual as the affected person has no scent at all. Any creatures that can track by scent will be fooled by these enchanted apples 98% of the time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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