[New Encounter] The Altar of the Egg

Altar of the Egg

‘We have one shot at this, presumably,’ Stork said.

The two spellcasters approached the strange stone altar in the forest. A dark purple egg appeared, an egg that was huge.

Vistis the Blue Mage hobbled forward and grabbed the egg, which must have weighed about forty pounds.

‘Let us hasten away before anyone else approaches,’ Stork said.

From behind his lacquered mask Vistis glared at Stork.

Many hours later the sorcerer and the illusionist sat excitedly before the egg. With a small rock Stork broke the shell. The egg broke, revealing a slender blue reptilian creature.

‘Blue dragon! We will make good money selling this,’ Stork exclaimed.

Vistis titled his head in a puzzled manner.

‘If only we could remember where we got it we could go back and get more,’ the illusionist lamented.

A strange altar tucked away in a grove of oaks and beeches at the base of a mountain has drawn people for untold ages. It is hard to pin the exact location down because everyone in the nearby vicinity tends to forget that exactly where this strange altar is.

In the game: An ancient stone altar in the middle of a strange grove of trees will produce one very large egg every full moon that materializes on the altar and remains until daybreak if not claimed at which time it dematerializes. If claimed consult the list below. All sentient beings within one mile must make a Save versus Spells at -3 or totally forget the events of the evening or where they were the entire night within three hours. If claimed an egg will produce:

Roll 1d6:

1.A baby griffon that can be tamed and used as a mount.

2.From the egg a baby pegasus appears that can also be tamed and used as a mount.

3. A baby hippogriff appears, also tameable and usable as a mount.

4. A baby dragon (random color) emerges from the egg.

5. A fully grown Rust Monster emerges, hungry for metal.

6. A Type 1 demon (Vrock) emerges in a cloud of smoke, it will fight unless outnumbered and then may be convinced to serve for one week.

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