[New Spell] Banquet of Fairy

Banquet of Fairy


‘….and that,’ said Knat the druidess,’ is how I vanquished the Ogre King of Klogos on my own.’

Valance looked up sleepily from his meal.

‘But why have you done the same to us?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Just to make sure you scoundrels didn’t mock me or say it didn’t happen like you always do!’ she answered.

Chalk fell forward snoring then vanished, followed by Koram. Valance tried to fight it as Navnen disappeared.

‘Treachery!’ he slurred and was gone.

‘I’ll watch your things boys,’ Knat said with a smile.


Banquet of Fairy (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Touch

Duration: One week per level of druid.


A druid casts this spell on an amount of food before him or her. This enchanted banquet will make all of the food savory and delicious, and it will also force all mortals who eat of this meal to make a save versus Poison at -2 (-1 for elves and gnomes), those who fail drop blissfully to sleep and are instantly transported to a safe place in the Fairy Realm where those affected can sleep deeply and have wonderful dreams for the duration of the spell. When it is time to awaken those affected are transported to the spot they were on when they ate of this magical feast.

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