[New Spell] Call of Coin

Call of Coin


The mercenary Bakra-do felt a slight inward tug towards the northwest again. He wasn’t exactly sure why, he just felt that there was someone in need in that direction.

Against his better judgment the mercenary turned his shaggy ox steed towards the northwest. The ox didn’t balk, it merely trudged along, carrying the mercenary and a small covered wagon that Bakra-do used as a portable house, although he repainted the wooden box from garish reds and yellows to more earthen greens and browns. The ox plodded down the dirt road splashing in the occasional puddle from the previous night’s rain. Suddenly they came upon a clearing. There stood an obvious wizard and a half a dozen mercenary types, mostly human. Intrigued Bakra-do climbed down from his seat on the front of the small wagon, tied his ox to a stalwart tree and joined the others.

‘Ah, another has heard my call!’ the wizard exclaimed. ‘I am the mage Azada and I need a small warband. I can pay in coin and I have many pots of coins stashed about to ensure that I don’t get rushed on the spot-help me and share in a bigger pile of treasure.’

Intrigued, Bakra-do moved up closer, standing between a dispassionate hobgoblin warrior and a bedraggled human bandit.


Call of Coin (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: One half mile/level.

Duration: One hour/level of caster.

This strange arcane spell is not like most ‘calling’ spells in that Call of Coin allows the caster to ‘fine tune’ the spell towards a specific type of target (mercenary, skilled worker in some field, cleric, thief, etc) and all within radius of the spell will feel a mental tug in that direction but are probably more compelled by the promise of coin than compassion for the target. There is no saving throw necessary and those being called that are already at their limit of coins and treasure may ignore the plea entirely. The caster may be sending out a call for someone skilled at fixing a cart or creating an impromptu mercenary band to repel an attack so the response is random but at least has a 20% chance per hour of bringing in someone in the vicinity even if nobody else is normally in that area (i.e. a traveling wheelwright might be available to fix a broken wagon wheel). Not that nobody who appears has to work for the caster, any prices or services must be negotiated, this spell merely acts as a beacon for a specific trade or class.

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