[New Encounter] The Cottage of the Archdruid

The Cottage of the Archdruid

Koram was splitting wood as Chalk and Valance picked berries and Navnen tried his hand at fishing in the nearby brook.

‘Is this necessary?’ whispered the priest of the Spider God.

‘Oh, it is,’ replied the sorcerer. ‘He is out there watching and we cannot afford any more bad luck.’

Valance nodded in agreement at that last sentiment.

From deep in the trees the archdruid watched and smiled. He might even give them a little boost in their travels he mused to himself.

On the edge of a dark and dangerous forest of pines and firs stands a cabin just inside the treeline. The cabin is stout and well made and well kept, there is a small well outside and a little garden in the back, the door is unlocked. Nobody EVER appears to be home.

In the game: The cabin is unlocked and any can enter. No one seems to be at home. Is this a trap? Those who go inside will find wood by the stove and food and drink in the larder. A safe respite from the hazards of the wilderness, especially if fleeing monsters or hungry wolves or bears. The door can be locked from the inside. All of this may seem too good to be true, but isn’t. The archdruid is off on some business and doesn’t fear enemies going into his cabin. He doesn’t mind the food or drink being taken or the wood burned to keep warm under two conditions: first, those making use of the cabin must be in need of shelter and secondly, there must be something given in return for what is taken, be it coin or other items of value or even, in the case of using the fireplace, replacing the wood with more cut wood. Failing to do so will get on the archdruid’s nerves and he will send bad luck in the direction of those who didn’t repay his kindness, in the form of a wandering monster, steady downpour for days or other misfortune.

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