[New Spell] Blizzard for Four

Blizzard for Four


Three strangers entered the tavern. Seeing them Valance instantly cringed. Recognizing the priest of the Spider God the trio immediately moved over to the table.

‘Venkos has missed you at the gambling table,’ one of the strangers said.

‘I’ll be there soon,’ the cleric replied.

‘Good,, because you still owe him, remember?’

‘Oh, I remember,’ answered Valance.

‘Good,’ the man said with a smile and patted the priest of the Spider God on the shoulder.

The three turned and left peacefully as the temperature started to drop and a freezing blizzard caused everyone in the room to shiver and complain.

‘We’d better go,’ Chalk said.

‘I have a feeling this will be following me for a while,’ Valance said with a sigh.

‘My beer’s freezing!’ snarled Koram.

‘Go stand by the fireplace,’ Valance offered as the saw the crowd start to grumble.


Blizzard for Four (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Touch or Self, affects 30′ radius +5’/level

Duration: One hour/level of caster.

So named because there are often four members to an adventuring party, by by no means limited to affecting this many people (all within the radius of the spell are affected) this spell drops the temperature in its radius to 26 degrees F (-3 C) and a blinding blizzard of snow falls in this area for one hour per level of caster. The snow may remain (depending on the temperature after the spell lapses) or may begin to melt immediately. Often handy when in a parched desert or while adventuring in the infernal realms.

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