[New Magic Item] Ring of Reversal

Ring of Reversal

Chalk lobbed a spell at one of Valance’s thug captors. The magic-user stared at his hands in amazement as a spell that should have slowed the man suddenly caused him to move even faster. The bruiser paused a moment to mockingly tip his hat at the wizard.

‘Way to go,’ Koram commented as he jogged by Chalk, crystal sword drawn, Navnen just rolled his eyes as he raced passed the spellcaster.

The magic-user paused a moment, shrugged and threw another spell that engulfed the malcontent in writhing magical bands of various pulsating colors.

‘Reverse that,’ Chalk said with just a tinge of fear in his voice in case it was possible to reverse that spell as the thug fell to the ground struggling and howling while Koram and Navnen hurried to get to the other villains hustling Valance along.

Possibly one of the most coveted and priceless artifacts recovered from the Necropolis of Zhan, the Ring of Reversal has caused unnamed deaths and even caused the destruction of two civilizations. Magic rings tend to be dangerous and deadly things…..

Benefit: Three times per day this ring can be used to reverse any magic spells cast at the wearer of the ring. The wearer must be facing the caster and the spell cast must be reversible otherwise the spell has normal effects on the ring’s wearer (i.e. a Slow spell would become Haste while a Fireball is a Fireball with a few exceptions that are up to the GM/LL- a Sleep spell might become an Energized spell that grants +2 to Dex and initiative rolls for the spell’s duration). A spellcaster wearing this ring casting a reversible spell on themselves merely wastes the spell (98% chance of spell failure, 2% chance of success).

Usable by: Anyone.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Ring of Reversal

  1. killervp says:

    This is awesome….

  2. Andreas Davour says:

    Very cool, indeed.

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