[New Magic Item] Bandit’s Crown

Bandit’s Crown

Fellhorn the druid eyed the gnome suspiciously.

‘Did you take my silver?’ he asked.

‘Not me, I have lost mine as it is!’ exclaimed the small thief.

‘There is someone out there, following us,’ the elf ranger said stoically.

‘And stealing our coins,’ complained the druid.

‘Your coins, I keep my currency hidden better,’ the elf bragged as he patted the outside of his vest.

Just as the human and gnome turned there was a bright flash before the elf’s eyes.

‘My gold!’ the elf cried out a few moments later.

Allegedly created by a master mage-thief in the dim, dark past, this magic item has allowed for many daring heists to be pulled off without a hitch, thanks to the magical aid it provides.

Benefit: When worn this magical crown gives an extra boost to a thief’s skills by dulling down one target in particular’s senses. Once per day the wearer of the Bandit Crown adds 15% to all thief skills (including Climb Walls for a fast getaway) while one target has their Int, Wis and Dex reduced by three points for two turns (twenty minutes) with a -1 Save versus Spells and one casting per day of the spell Blinding Flash.

Usable by: Thieves in particular or thefty types.

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