[New Monster] The Relentless

The Relentless

A flow of sand under the door of the small house began to form into a stylized humanoid shape. Chalk watched this happen in growing horror.

‘Do you have a spider that will handle this?’ the wizard asked Valance.

The priest of the Spider God sighed heavily and dug into a pouch at his side.

As the figure, now fully humanoid, strolled forward Valance tossed a large cut gem at the creature who caught it nimbly in one hand and smiled.

‘Your debt is paid to Gozatta,’ the thing said with a gravelly voice. It then became a thing of mud and broke a window which it flowed through as sinuously as a serpent.

Strange magical creatures tied to the elemental plane of Earth, The Relentless often act as bounty hunters or couriers and are able to change their molecular structure at will from a stone being to one of clay or sand. Each Relentless is an individual and not just a mindless construct which leads some arcane scholars to wonder if these creatures are an offshoot of the elemental earth creatures known as the Dao. The Relentless prefer payment for their services in platinum, electrum or gold coins or in gems of at less 500 g.p. value. Relentless speak Common and the Earth elemental tongue.

The Relentless: HD 7+4 AC 6[13]; Atk: Bite (1d4) or Punch (1d6) ; Move 7 ; Save 12; AL: N; CL/XP 9/1100; Special: Change Consistency:The Relentless can shift between stone, clay and sand forms at will, allowing them to move along different surfaces, change shape to fit into small openings or to ‘flow’ up a surface or to appear as statues, Strong: The Relentless are very strong and resilient, effectively around 14-16 and these creatures do not need to eat or breathe. Exceptional individuals will be able to gate in 1d4 rust monsters or xorn once per day.

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