[New Magic Item] Plaguestone


Kragas the UnFallen breached the hill with his followers in tow. The champion of the Plague Lord Vonitox looked upon his dozen or so dedicated followers. All seemed to be oozing some sort of pus or bile from one overgrown sore or pustule.

‘Nevamirus!’ Kragas shouted. A sniveling man crept forward as the champion removed a pouch of coins from his belt and tossed it at the ground before the wretch.

‘Yes, my liege?’ inquired Nevamirus.

‘Wine for us all, good wine, too,’ demanded the great fighter on his cadaverous looking mount. ‘I’d go in myself but this magic stone tends to scare off everyone in the immediate area. Take a couple of other fellows with you, tonight we celebrate our victory over the champion of the Ruins of Zan-zoh.’

The sickly looking warband cheered.

With a scrape and a bow Nevamirus and a couple of others scampered off towards the lights of the nearby town.

A gift from a greater deity of diseases and plagues, this magic item is sometimes gifted to the greatest champions of such deities, and can be found upon their persons or in their burial vaults. Such magic is so powerful that often the followers of such champions are too frightened to pick up such a thing for themselves.

Benefit: A plaguestone gives its possessor immunity to any one disease, ailment or plague, usually one associated with a particular deity. The bearer of this magic item and any within 20′ are immune to the particular disease although they commonly show illusory symptoms which can cause Fear as the spell (60% chance of fleeing the area as fast as any affected can). Anyone not protected by the bearer of the magical stone coming within 20′ has a 75% chance of catching the disease in question during melee or other close contact. The exact ailment is up to the GM/LL/DM and can vary from stone to stone, from an annoying rash that affects attributes by one or two points to a deadly plague that is nearly impossible to survive short of a Geas or Wish spell or the like.

Usable by: Anyone.

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