[New Spell] Shieldbite



Bakra-do faced the goblin champion on a grassy hill a little before noon. Knowing of the goblin’s general dislike of the sun he was surprised to see his opponent appearing so confident on this clear and bright day.

The dread champion clanked forward in armor and shield, sword drawn. The human mercenary tried to read the green humanoid’s moves but it was impossible, the creature was too chaotic to figure out. With an impulsive shout it leapt forward, Bakra-do swung his sword as the creature raised its shield, a shield with a moving goblin face on it that clamped its wooden fangs down on the sword, holding it tight as the goblin slashed with a rusty blade as the human stood shocked.

Only pulling out his own short sword and blocking the goblin’s blade had save him, but the goblin pulled back and Bakra-do’s long sword slipped from his hand and was thrown clear.

The wily mercenary pulled a handful of throwing daggers from his belt. Surely the thing could not catch all of these with its shield. In answer to his mental question the goblin issued a whimper at the sight of the throwing daggers.

‘Parlay?’ it offered.


Shieldbite (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

An odd spell seemingly inspired by tales of old magical shields, temporarily enchants a shield, giving it a ghostly or goblin-esque malicious faces that gnashes and bites at an opponent every other round while the shield is still enchanted causing 1d4+4 points of damage, or, with a 45% chance of ‘biting and holding’ the weapon for an instant, giving the bearer of the enchanted shield a free attack on their aggressor. A typical magic user can enchant up to 6 shields (if available) in this manner.

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