[New Magic Item] Key to the Dungeon

Key to the Dungeon

Navnen gripped the key and held it before his companions.

‘Is this a good idea?’ Koram asked wincing a little as he recalled the last time the thief invoked the magic item.

‘Those dreadful hounds are after us, what do we have to lose?’ replied the thief.

The others reluctantly nodded. There was a sudden flash.

The group found themselves in a vast underground cavern, it was dark save for their torches, water could be heard dripping in the nearby darkness.

‘Is this better or worse?’ chalk asked.

A low growl seemed to answer the magic-user.

‘Great,’ sighed Valance.

Made by a crazed archmage and offered to a band of adventurers that barely returned to tell the tale, this magic item is random in a way that can be helpful or hazardous and ‘usually’ can at least buy some time or suddenly end narrow chase through a dungeon.

Benefit: While an artifact of great power, this magic item is also quirky in nature. When used above a dungeon locale the key will deliver the key’s bearer and up to four others designated by the bearer to a random dungeon level, arriving directly in the middle of the level. 20% (65% chance if in the hands of an intelligent native of the particular dungeon at hand) of the time the this can be controlled by stating which level (or ‘entrance’), otherwise the effect is totally random and can be advantageous or dangerous to those using the key. Usable twice er day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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