[New Magic Item] Ring of the Firebird

Ring of the Firebird

‘The scrolls!’ Stork screamed.

Vistis the Blue Mage crept across the room, sending shadowy monsters to fight the scuttling birds made of flame.

Stork threw a spell at one of the birds that caused it to squawk as a serpent of pure water entwined it in its grip. With a final hiss of steam both creatures disappeared.

Vistis grabbed the bag containing the scrolls and clicked his tongue behind his heavily lacquered mask as he denied the strange fiery bird of its papery goal. The bird stood next to the illusionist as his robes caught on fire and he screamed.

Stork dumped a bucket of water on Vistis, extinguishing the small firebird.

‘Sometimes simplicity is the best policy,’ snarled Stork.

A mysterious curio found among an ancient treasure hoard, the Ring of the Firebird has caused a lot of trouble for those who oppose the wearer of the magic item. Of unknown origin, it is thought to be a trinket created by an efreet that was grateful for being freed and not bound to fulfill wishes for its liberator.

Benefit: Once per day the bearer of this magical ring may call upon its power to summon 1d3 firebirds, small magical creatures with ties to the elemental plane of Fire that are bird-like and resemble scuttling quail. These creatures are under the control of the ring’s wearer and have the following statistics:

Firebird:  HD 2AC 5(14); Atk 1 peck/scratch (1d4+1); Save 16; Move 90′ (30′) Fly-150′ (50′)AL NCL/XP 3/60; Special: +2 heat damage, immune to fire.

Even just standing by combustible material will make these substances catch on fire. Fire and Air attacks will cause the birds to grow larger, adding 1HD and an attack of 1d6+2 max. Water and Earth attacks do double damage.

Usable by: Anyone.

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