[New Spell] Curse: Preybeast



Valance looked perturbed as he pulled the nipping shrew from his sleeve. His eyes were red from lack of sleep.

‘Running out of spiders?’ Chalk asked.

The priest of the Spider God nodded wearily.

‘Pay the debt or get it dispelled?’ Navnen asked.

Valance raised an eyebrow to contemplate his choices.

‘Dispelled,’ Valance croaked as he kicked a rat across the room. The hungry vermin ran right back at the cleric as Koram sank in crossbow bolt into the creature.

‘This is great for target practice,’ the fighter said.


Preybeast (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One day per level of caster or until dispelled.

One of the unusual druid curses, Preybeast sends out a signal to all carnivorous creatures that the cursed one is a helpless creature that will not put up a fight and is quite edible. In woodland situations this can causes packs of wolves, pumas, tigers, and other large predators to attack, in urban areas this can summon swarms of rats or shrews that will endlessly nip and bite at the cursed one. Being constantly harassed by hungry animals lowers the magically afflicted’s Constitution by two points for the duration of the curse.

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