[New Magic Item] Horn of Lycanthropy

Horn of Lycanthropy

Navnen the thief smiled and raised the magical horn to his lips.

Valance raised a hand to stop him and started to scream as Chalk began laughing at the possible result.

The horn sounded, loud and booming. The four adventurers all jerked and contorted, Navnen dropped the horn. Koram roared and stretched, a tall werebear, Navnen grew long tusks and snorted, a defiant wereboar. Chalk changed into a strange weregoat and bleated to the sky while Valance twisted and curled into the shape of a cringing wererat. With a sneer the priest of the Spider God darted into the shadows, whipping his scaly tail behind him.

Thought to be a gift from a god of change, it is probably more likely a creation of the Gods of Spite to further chaos and confusion on the planet. When used with a group of like minded individuals terror and madness can descend on an area. The device can also be used to root out spies and those who don’t belong.

Benefit: When sounded all within 50′ of the horn, including the bearer, will change into a were-beast according to their alignment (and possibly land of origin). A save versus Magic at -1 may be attempted to resist this change which can be calamitous for the one unlike the others. This change into were-beast lasts for 24 hours and then the person returns to normal. Repeated uses have a 25% chance of changing the person permanently into a therianthrope. Demi-humans and humanoids are not killed by this process and are affected exactly like humans.

Usable by: Anyone.

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