[New Magic Item] Dagger of the Lizard King

Dagger of the Lizard King

The mercenary Bakra-do searched desperately through the city of Tagor until he found the shrine to his gods and entered.

Revealing a scaly green arm the mercenary detailed his encounter with the Bandit Prince of the hills and the wound he suffered. Nodding the old priest cast a spell that reversed the damage and restored man to his normal self.

‘And what of this Bandit Prince?’ the elder priest asked.

Digging into a pouch at his side Bakra-do revealed the offending dagger that had caused his condition. The priest’s eyes widened at the sight of the vile artifact which the mercenary offered to him.

‘He’s dead, of course,’ answered Bakra-do.

Horrific artifacts made from the fangs of the dreaded (and defeated) Lizard King of Adovaska, These vile daggers have caused the fall of a few kings who were struck by one and lost everything. Dangerous to possess one because it is told that the new Lizard King wants these items returned to Adovaska as he rebuilds this horrible empire.

Benefit: This vicious dagger is 1d4+2 in combat and +1 to hit. Anyone who takes damage must make a save versus Polymorph at -1 or slowly begin transforming into a lizardman. This change takes the course of a week and a Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish will reverse this effect, otherwise in seven days the victim becomes a lizardman and will become dedicated to the service of the Lizard King within a month. If Wish, Limited Wish or Remove Curse are cast after the transformation but before the month is up the cursed one remains in lizardman form but is independent and not a subject of the Lizard King’s whims.

Usable by: Anyone.

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