[New Magic Item] Barrow Spear

Barrow Spear

The princeling returned to his tent, waiting for the cleric to return and heal him. Time passed. The magical wound seemed to tug the young royal towards the accursed barrows near the marshes outside of the small town he lorded over.

‘Where is Griven?’ the princeling called out.

‘He is missing, my lord,’ reported one of the princeling’s loyal servants.

The pull to the barrows became stronger and the young princeling finally caved in and left his tent, limping towards the buried cemetery.

As the princeling came to the entry of the barrow mounds he held his torch aloft and entered the ancient cold stone arches.

A hideous undead thing turned and hissed with joy at the sight of the princeling. It stood and left the dead body of Griven to face the wounded princeling.

This evil weapon is said to have been created by a great wight-sorcerer centuries ago for a mighty wight-lord that ruled a cold and icy necropolis to the far north. Over time this magical spear has been in the grip of many warriors, living and dead and its whereabouts are now currently unknown.

Benefit: Up to three times per day when this magical spear is used in combat any successful strike will compel those wounded by the spear to feel as if they are being dragged back to the barrow or burial mound where he or she was wounded. All paths will lead to the place where he or she was wounded or they will feel physically pulled back. A Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish will end this effect, so will killing the wight or other creature wielding the weapon that caused the initial damage. It is not an uncommon tactic for the barrow wight with the spear to choose a magic-user or other ‘weaker’ party member to using this magic on. The spear itself deals 1d6+2 damage. Those killed by this spear rise as a barrow wight the next night unless cremated.

Usable by: Usually a barrow wight, but anyone who can wield a spear can use it..

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