[New Spell] Seeking the Egg of a…….

Seeking the Egg of a ……


The druidess Knat squinted her eyes and looked into the distance.

‘Come on, boys, we need to hurry!’ she told the others.

‘What are we doing again?’ asked an irritated Valance.

‘Trying to protect the griffon eggs in the nearby Grotto of Four Winds,’ Knat answered.

‘Griffon eggs?’ the priest of the Spider God muttered to Chalk with a smile.

Knat whirled around and glared at Valance.

‘Don’t even think about it!’


Seeking the Egg of a….. (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Special (see below)

Duration: Instantaneous, persistent for two hours after cast.

A rather simple spell with the potential to get the caster and those around them into trouble, Seeking the Egg of a….. notifies the caster in which direction the nearest egg of a particular egg-laying creature is. This spell divines the direction and gives the caster a sense of the distance that an egg(s) is in. Many druids like to have this spell on hand to help protect wild creatures in the area and head off would be egg-snatchers that seek out highly prized eggs, such as that of the griffon or dragon.

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