[New Magic Item] Halfling Owl Wind Chime Ward

Halfling Owl Wind Chime Ward

‘Why do they often build their houses into hillsides?’ an irritated Navnen asked as he pointed a thumb towards the small halfling village.

‘Obviously so they can tell who is coming,’ replied Valance. ‘So I take it that you weren’t able to secure the map from the halfling?’

‘No! Every time I tried to creep up on their little hideout a horrible medley would play from somewhere near the door and I had to turn back while the little runts sprang out with crossbows!’

The priest of the Spider God waved his hands in a calming motion then sat down and meditated. Within minutes a spider the size of a small dog appeared. He whispered to the arachnid which scuttled off.

‘Surely my pet can get by and secure the map.’

Once again the cacophony could be heard. A trio of halflings burst outside and all took aim at the spider which dodged and darted and tried to escape but was eventually pinned.

Valance let out a cry of anguish as his spider died.

‘This calls for a bigger spider,’ he said as he gnashed his teeth.

One of those odd bits of folk magic that halflings consider to be nothing special that confounds some archmagi, this simple magic item, in the shape of a wooden owl with several wooden chimes below it is a bit of subtle magic that has alerted many an unsuspecting individual about incoming danger or let them know that good friends were coming. Almost always carved of oak, these enchanted wind chimes were thought to have been taught to a great clan of halflings ages ago and the knowledge has been passed down and spread with the halflings wherever they go.

Benefit: When ‘faced’ outward the oaken owl will keep vigil over a door or similar portal. When those allied to the chime’s current owner approach within 30′ the chimes will play a melodious tune, when enemies or those with ill intent approach the chime will make a cacophony of dreadful sounds. Curiously, in strong wind the oaken chimes only make a muted murmuring sound.

Usable by: Anyone.

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