[New Spell] Crushing Faith Leap

Crushing Faith Leap


Chalk and the others saw the hobgoblin chief scurrying for an exit.

‘Now this one I’ve got,’ Valance said.

To everyone’s amazement the priest of the Spider God had an appropriate spell for the situation besides summoning spiders.

Brandishing his dread mace Valance smiled an evil grin and leaped into the air towards the hobgoblin. The thing looked over its shoulder and screeched as the priest of the Spider God brought the mace down upon its head with a terrible scream, silencing the humanoid forever.

Chalk and Koram looked at each other.

‘Jumping spider,’ the both said in unison. With Valance it somehow had to have an arachnid tie-in.


Crushing Faith Leap (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: 40′ long/40′ high

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell allows a priest or priestess to make an epic leap up to 40′ high and up to 40′ long while bringing a weapon down to bear on an enemy. The weapon deals double normal damage +3 and the cleric can make an attribute check against Wisdom, a successful roll means the priest(ess) has done triple damage +3 to a target.

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