[New Spell] Use My Illusion

Use My Illusion


Vistis the Blue Mage ambled over to the stable-boy who took care of the horses that he and Stork owned. The young man seemed more downcast than usual. After a brief conversation the illusionist found out that bullies had been preying on the stable-boy. Vistis frowned under his heavily lacquered mask then he whispered a secret to the boy who instantly brightened up.

As the bullies approached next time the stable-boy sat confidently waiting. The leader approached. With a flourish the stable-boy seemed to conjure writhing tentacles that lashed out at the leader of the gang, causing him to flee in terror. The remaining toughs held their nerve until Vistis appeared.

‘Very good, my apprentice!’ You are learning well,’ he hissed.

This broke the bullies who ran off in all different directions.

‘Do me a favor,’ the illusionist said.

‘Anything,’ the young man replied.

‘Don’t tell Stork about this, he’ll think I’ve gone soft. I was bullied when I was young and I wear this mask because of it,’ Vistis said as he patted the stable-boy on the shoulder.

The young man nodded.

‘I might need an apprentice some day,’ Vistis added with a wink to the boy.


Use My Illusion (Illusionist)

Level 35

Range: 10′

Duration: Normal duration restarts at transfer of spell..

By use of this spell an illusionist may transfer control of an illusion of levels 1-4 to another person. The other individual has total control and may change any aspects of the illusion that the caster would be reasonably able to.

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