[New Magic Item] One of the Gang Ring

One of the Gang Ring

Navnen returned with another armload of delicious food.

‘Is this free? What’s the catch?’ Valance asked.

‘There is no catch, it is free, just enjoy it while it lasts,’ the thief replied.

‘Extortion or blackmail?’ Chalk asked as he tore off a huge chunk of bread and began eating it with abandon.

Navnen made a pouting face.

‘Neither,’ he stated proudly.

‘Magic ring?’ Koram asked.

Navnen smirked and then nodded.

‘How’d you figure that out?’ Chalk asked the fighter.

‘Look at his hand, he doesn’t usually wear a ring on it,’ Koram answered.

Created by a mischievous gnome to infiltrate a suspected anti-gnome organization the magic ring worked perfectly, until he unfortunately found out that this obnoxious anti-gnome group had five members. Had he only encountered four or less he might not have lost his ring, his life and justified the formation of the group in the first place.

Benefit: Once per day, for up to one hour the wearer of this enchanted ring can fit into any group, cult, gang, etc. Those questioning the unfamiliar member of the group must make a Wisdom check at -2 or figure that while odd, this person is a member of the group for a good reason and is to be trusted. Up to four people are affected, any more than that can question the validity of the person without a Wisdom check.

Note: If the person wearing the ring doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb in the group they are infiltrating after the hour is up he or she still has a 65% chance of fool an average member of the group for the rest of the day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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