[New Spell] Hell-Hole



‘The sword, quickly!’ a voice urged from the strange hole in the floor of the inn.

Reluctantly Koram looked at the others and slipped his Crystal Sword into the infernal plane.

‘I wouldn’t have done that,’ Valance commented.

Koram smirked.

A great cacophony could be heard from the small portal, but none would get close enough to look through to the other plane.

Moments later the hilt of the sword came back through the hole in the floor. Koram gripped the familiar blade and nodded to the others.

‘You have helped save the day for the paladins waging war on the Eighth Hell, and for that, we salute you,’ the voice could be heard from below just before the hole closed and the floor became its normal dusty self again.


Hell-Hole (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: 60′

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level.

This weird spell causes a cone 10′ in diameter and 1′ deep to appear on any floor, inside or out. In the center of this depression in the ground is a hole 1′ in diameter that connects to any lower plane of the caster’s choice, not just the Hells. This connection allows for communication and the transfer of small objects between the planes. No being bigger than Small can fit through this gap, although a grasping fiend may try to bring in a larger creature through force, but it won’t work, it will hurt. Timed right this spell can alter wars, or give someone cool water in Hell.

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