[New Magic Item] Censer of Roots

Censer of Roots

‘Now that I have your attention,’ the wizard said.

‘We are actually rooted to the floor,’ complained Koram.

‘I need a party of adventurers to retrieve something for me,’ the wizard continued.

‘Ever heard of asking?’ inquired Chalk as he struggled like the others to break free.

‘I didn’t want to be ignored or have to pay too much,’ the wizard replied.

Valance pulled one of his legs, trying to free it from being rooted to the floor to no avail.

‘This isn’t exactly endearing you to us,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

This small wooden pyramid shaped incense burner seems unassuming and innocuous. In reality it is a lesser artifact created by a frustrated druid that felt he was never given a fair audience by other types of spellcasters, so he made this and it has been very effective in keeping a captive aurdience.

Benefit: When incense is lit in this magical censer all within 30′ that remain after three rounds (30 seconds) will suddenly grow roots and be rooted to the ground, tendrils seeking earth below, breaking through stone and rock and completely rooting those remaining in place. Save versus magic at -1 to break free. Hacking at these fleshy roots deals weapon damage to those affected. After three turns (30 minutes) the incense will cease to burn and the feet of the affected return to normal. Magical footwear will repair itself, non-magical footwear is destroyed. The one who lights the censer is immune to its effects and may move normally and may also put the censer out. Anyone walking into the affected area other than the owner of the censer will also be rooted to the ground for the remaining duration of time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Censer of Roots

  1. killervp says:

    This one will be fun to use!

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