[New Magic Item] Pearl of Tides

Pearl of Tides

Bakra-Do struck with his vicious sword, time and time again. The onslaught of small fish-men continued. He raised the pearl above his head and the river raised just to his toes then the water subsided, washing the fish-men out towards the center of the fast flowing river, then he allowed the water to rush naturally, washing many of the strange creatures away down the river.

‘We will get that back,’ one of the creatures gurgled.

‘If you can swim in a bog, maybe,’ stated the mercenary grimly.

The fish-man stared blankly back, frustrated as the current dragged him off.

An ancient relic from a faraway land, this magical pearl is about the size of a mystic’s crystal ball and is easily carried in one hand. There are said to be a half a dozen of these in the world, some of varying degrees of power as in how much they can affect, this is a typical pearl, although more legendary pearls may exist. It is said that many sea creatures want these magical pearls returned to the watery realms from which they came and do not believe that ‘Those Above’ need own these things.

Benefit: If held aloft this magical giant pearl may be used to cause the tide to ebb and flow to the wielder’s whim for up to one hour twice per day in a three mile radius. In addition, once per day this magic item may be used to raise or lower water (as per the spell) up or down 30′.

Usable by: Anyone.

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