[New Magic Item] Pillow of Perfect Slumber

Pillow of Perfect Slumber

Fellhorn grumbled at the gnome.

‘What did I do?’ squeaked the small demi-human.

‘This cursed pillow of yours, it is too comfortable and too good, there must be a catch,’ the druid snarled.

‘You talk in your sleep,’ the elf nearby replied. ‘It is actually rather interesting.’

The gnome glared at the elf.

‘You little rascal! Take your magical pillow back! I knew it was too good to be true,’ lamented the druid.

Wistfully the gnome retrieved the pillow and crumpled it into his own backpack.

While maybe not the cleanest magic item, the Pillow of Perfect Slumber is a desired one. It is thought that a group of gnomes produced a large number of these magical pillows at some point in the near past and distributed them to certain people, some spellcasters, some not, for a variety of reasons known only to the gnomes.

Benefit: A person using this magical pillow will not only be granted a full night’s rest in merely four hours, but each day it is slept on the user receives a +1 to any Saving Throws based on mental attributes or conditions. Twice per week, if the magic item’s user is a spellcaster they may choose one extra spell after having used the pillow. The downside: each night the sleeper has a 25% chance (non-cumulative) of talking in their sleep and revealing an interesting secret.

Usable by: Anyone.

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