[New Spell] Stained Touch

Stained Touch


A heavy knock at the door caused everyone to look at Valance. The priest of the Spider God pointed at Navnen.

‘He’s the thief!’ the cleric hissed to the others as Chalk got up to answer the door.

Constable Nettles and his lesser guardsmen burst into the room.

The lawman scanned the room and pointed and Valance.

‘Seize the pouch of coins that he has,’ ordered Nettles.

The guardsmen followed orders and handed the pouch over to their chief constable. He took a few minutes to rummage through the coins and almost seemed to give up when he finally pulled a coin from the pile that had a green thumbprint on it.

‘Aha! You were gambling last night at the Boar and Bugbear!’ Nettles said. ‘There was a murder there last night and we need to question all witnesses.’

‘Surely you don’t think I….’ Valance began.

‘I suspect all until I find out who is guilty,; Nettles said grimly.

Valance sighed and went with the guardsmen. Only to be released some time later and vowing to inspect all winnings in the future.


Stained Touch (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One day.

The caster or someone he or she elects to be enchanted by this spell can, for one day, change the color of all or part of any physical object. The color itself remains for one week, afterwards the item will return to its unblemished state. This can be used to mark property, obscure writing or for any other purpose the enchanted one wishes.

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