[New Magic Item] Bell of St. Clador

Bell of St. Clador

The bells rang gently as a choir of youth passed through the town, singing the names of heroes who had fallen lately.

‘Those bells won’t ring for me,’ Valance said as he raised a toast to fallen heroes.

‘Nor any of us,’ Chalk said raising his mug.

‘Remember the time we faced those dragons to save the town?’ Koram asked.

‘But we are merely the dreams of a madman, I often think,’ the priest of the Spider God said softly and took a deep drink from his glass.

A relic of the generous and courageous Clador who was elevated to sainthood by his faith, this magical bell doesn’t turn the tide of a battle or bring a dark lord down, it causes those within the affected area to pause a moment to recall those who have died a noble death.

Benefit: When rang this bell causes all similar bells in a 300′ radius to gently ring as well in memory of someone who has fallen. In addition the bearer of this magical bell may cause a garden to grow dedicated to the deceased that can be up to 30’x30′. This garden will grow and thrive for five years unattended before it needs care. Some vengeful people have used this to grow disruptive vegetation while others just grow a typical garden of local flora. Anyone not an enemy of the deceased may rest in this area and heal three times faster than usual (any healing spell cast on someone in this area not an enemy of the fallen enjoys three times the points healed).

Usable by: Anyone.

Posted in memory of fellow OSR member, Clangador (Chris Yoder). Rest in peace, my friend.

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