[New Spell] Colorless Flame

Colorless Flame


Fellhorn picked up a stick from the fire. He knew in his mind that the stick was on fire, yet he could not see the flames.

‘What madness is this?’ the druid asked.

‘All of our gear is soaked by the rain and this is the only fire spell we have,’ squeaked the gnome.

‘Great,’ complained the elf. ‘My cloak has been singed because it is hard to see the flames of your spell.’

The gnome smirked.

‘Or I could just not have cast any spell and we would be in the dark, wet and cold,’ he said.

The others grumbled their appreciation. The gnome noted the lack of sincerity.


Colorless Flame (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10′ +5’/level of caster

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until extinguished.

A very dangerous spell in many cases, the Colorless Flame spell makes any fire burn without color, only a few wavy lines reveal the flames as they flicker. This spell puts out half as much light as normal flame, yet burns just as hot as any fire. Entire villages have been burning before anyone realized how far the fire is spread. In sunlight the flames are all but invisible (70% undetectable) while still emanating a faint light and heat, yet water or other conventional ways of putting out a fire work just as well.

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