[New Magic Item] Ring of the Outstretched Arm

Ring of the Outstretched Arm

As the group slept a hand crept in through an unlocked window and felt around the room, the hand’s arm eerily slumped over the windowsill as the hand crept around.

‘Now!’ Valance shouted.

In a blink Navnen closed the shutters on the arm as Koram grabbed the hand. Chalk cast a spell that froze the hand as Valance reached into a fold of his robes and pulled out a wicked looking spider, which he set in the quivering palm of the arm.

‘You know what to do,’ the priest of the Spider God said to the creepy arachnid.

The thing bit the hand and an agonizing howl could be heard outside.

‘Serves you right, next time we cut it off!’ Koram yelled as Navnen opened the shutters enough for the hand to retreat into the night.

‘I wonder who that was,’ Chalk pondered aloud.

‘The person with the swollen and purple left hand that we see tomorrow while out and about,’ suggested Valance with a sinister smile.

Made for a thief by a grateful wizard, this magic item has caused as much heartache (and limb loss) for thieves and would-be thieves than it has caused triumph. Still, there is always someone willing to give this magic item a try.

Benefit: The wearer of this ring may cause their entire arm to stretch and extend up to 60′ from the body. This errant limb may go beyond the sight of its owner and move by touch along, but beware those who would attack said arm. Extended arm has six hit points, causes 8 hit points of damage sever the arm from the torso of the ring’s wearer, so caution is advised.

Usable by: Anyone.

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