[New Magic Item] Oathblade


‘Hey look, magical swords, what, like five of them?’ Chalk said to Koram.

The leering merchant smiled in a frog-like way as he gestured at the fine blades.

‘Surely a price you can afford, good sir,’ the merchant said.

Koram stood resolute and refused to even touch one of the swords.

‘It’s a trap,’ he told Chalk as they wandered away. ‘Few magic items are easy to handle and I have heard those swords come with an oath to the Vampire King, no thank you.’

Chalk looked back over his shoulder and saw a withered and gnarled hand reveal itself from a curtain behind the sword merchant and thump him on the back of the head.

Originally one hundred and ten of these magical swords were forged for the knights of a great queen, to reward their loyalty and punish any treason. It is said that Sarga the Vampire King has ten of these given to his most loyal knights, the rest scattered about the world.

Benefit: A mundane longsword until an oath is sworn upon it, at which time the sword becomes a magical weapon, dealing 1d6+2 damage against most foes and 1d8+1 damage against one particular type of foe, specified at the time the oath is sworn. If the bearer of the sword breaks their oath in any way the next time the sword is drawn it will turn on its owner, dealing 1d8+1 damage and if dropped there is a 75% chance someone nearby will feel compelled to pick up the sword and continue the attack.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a longsword.

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