[New Magic Item] Dagger of Fey Banishment

Dagger of Fey Banishment

Fellhorn sank the dagger into the ground where the party was about to set up camp. A tiny scream could be heard from a nearby tree as a sprite was ejected backwards and out of the tree.

‘Serves you right for spying on us!’ the druid grumbled.

He stood and turned towards the gnome and elf. The latter of which was scratching at his collar as if uncomfortable.

‘Does that blade in the ground annoy either of you?’ Fellhorn asked.

‘It is rather irritating, I must say,’ replied the gnome.

‘I’ll keep that in mind,’ the druid said with a smile as he retrieved the blade from the earth.

The elf and gnome exchanged glances that spoke volumes.

Created to send a message to the King of Elfland in the end it caused more problems than it was worth, for the denizens of the fairy realms are vindictive and tricky, even on a good day.

Benefit: This magical silver dagger not only deals 1d4+2 damage and is +1 to hit, but will also create a barrier that keeps all fey creatures at bay if sunk into the ground. This barrier is 30′ in diameter and no fey creature can pass into it, over or under. This may or may not effect demi-humans, depending on how connected to the fairy realm the DM/GM/LL/etc decides these beings are.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a dagger.

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