[New Spell] Harja’s Triple Threat Charge

Harja’S Triple Threat Charge


As Stork tried to attack the rival wizard he saw the other wizard’s bodyguard step forward, level his pike and stomp his foot on the ground. Before he knew it Stork himself was being rushed by three ethereal versions of the guard, all bringing pikes to bear on him. Stork snarled as two of the ghostly pikes got through and drew blood as their metal and wood counterparts would have, then the bodyguard stepped forward as Stork backed away, the other wizard had run.

Stork managed to snap off a spell that covered the ground between himself and the bodyguard with shadowy snakes that writhed forward to strike, causing the guard to curse and panic and run off himself.


Harja’s Triple Threat Charge (Magic-user)

Level 5

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: Instantaneous.

When cast the next time the enchanted one stomps a foot three ghostly versions of themselves rush forward, up to 30′, in a charging attack. These attacks are +1 to hit and each ghostly form does weapon damage X2 due to the charging effect. After the stomp is made the attacker may try to flee or charge into the fray themselves.

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